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Tumblr for Trans Jews


Shalom, let me take a moment to introduce TransJewry — the TL;DR? A blog whose primary aim is transgender and non-binary Jews of all backgrounds, which posts resources and materials that are otherwise extremely difficult to find as a small community.

I talk more about myself and the blog here, but feel free to ask questions or share resources. I would love for this to be shared, so that this becomes an active and easily accessible resource for those who need it!

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Cool QRs for you and your local potion seller

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i feel it in my boans 

enough to make my systems boans 

shit. Shit. I’ve been fucking Owned Hard……….

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The truth is out there. (x)

Melee never renders facial expressions if the character is being rendered any way other than directly (e.g., via off-screen hoop or reflection)

The truth is right here.

nice fucking emulator lag you shit noob

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learning to drive manual is so demotivating, I wish all my neighbors weren’t watching me with extremely concerned looks

maybe I should just run over their kids so that they’ll have something to do

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champion of HOPE and various criminal enterprises………..

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